The story of 2018//me predicting more or less what is going to happen

Hello guys!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the first week of 2018! Before I start rambling about anything, I just want to thank you for clicking in this post even though it has the most obscure name ever.

I couldn’t think of anything better, okay?! I’m sorry.tenor

I promise you that you’re going to love it though! hopefully Basically, in this post, I am going to be writing about thoughts that I may or may not have through the year. I’m not exactly sure how this is going to work but let’s go! *does one of those weird transporty things like people on Youtube*


  • Whoo!!
  • This year is going to be the best year ever!
  • I’m going to stick to all my new year’s resolutions and work hard!
  • It’s going to be awesome!
  • Yess!!


  • Life is still great!
  • It is…
  • Just a bit boring.
  • Nothing interesting ever happens in Feb
  • Atleast I’m still sticking with my resolutions!


  • I want to eat chocolate so bad
  • No Bella.
  • You can do it.
  • Think about something else like… buses
  • Mmm… Double deckers!


  • I give up.
  • It’s Easter.
  • I’m going to eat all that chocolate
  • Meh
  • I’ll start the resolution next month. tenor (1)


  • Too much homework
  • I’m drowning in it
  • Ugghhhh
  • When is it the holidays???????????
  • *gives up on life*


  • Halfway through the year!
  • I can’t wait for Summer!!
  • But. Oh. No.
  • I smudged some work in my book.
  • Great. Another resolution down the drain. *cries*


  • A few more weeks of school to go.
  • Sooo tired.
  • I can’t wait for next year
  • Ughhh


  • Summer!!
  • Yasss!!!
  • Finally!!
  • No more school!!
  • And no more work!!


  • Really?
  • Back at school again?
  • This year is going to be my year!
  • My work is going to be so neat.
  • I will be amazing!


  • It’s nearly my birthday!
  • *Tells everyone who will listen*
  • It’s also nearly Halloween!
  • Can’t wait for all the chocolate!
  • Haha!


  • *sings Christmas songs*
  • It’s basically Christmas!
  • So excited!!
  • Better start thinking about presents!
  • Whoo!


  • Wow!
  • It’s the end of the year already!
  • I can’t wait for Christmas!
  • Or for 2019!
  • Whoo!!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post even though it was quite weird!


Bella! x

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