Snow!! #FreakingOut//Fun things to do in the snow


Before we start this post can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that……..

It has been SNOWING!


That is the sound of your mind exploding because it never snows in Britan.

So yay!! We got the day off school today because of the snow which was amazing. When I think about snow days, I usually think about American high school movies. Is that weird??

Today’s post is about fun things you can do in the snow (besides building a snowman)! Let’s go!

And we’re going to be counting down because it’s nearly the new year and why not!

Numero 5

Build a snow fort. or an igloo. or a slide. #QueenOfIce (Not Elsa) Inspiration:

Numero 4

Make snow graffiti. Fill a spray bottle with water and a bit of food colouring. Then you can go outside and spray on the blank snow canvas.


Numero 3

Make a snow volcano! This actually sounds so cool! Find out how to do it here.

snow volcano 35

Numero 2

Create colourful icicles


Numero 1

Put glow sticks in the snow and create glow art. It looks amazing at night!


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Tell me if you do any of these! Has there been snow near you?

Bella xx

28 thoughts on “Snow!! #FreakingOut//Fun things to do in the snow

  1. It snowed today too here (Canada) but it’s not enough to do anything in. When I was younger and we had more snow we’d go tobogganing or have snowball fights. Now I’m older and don’t love the cold, though I do love seeing the snow.

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