CPC challenge 4


Sorry I haven’t been posting recently- I just moved house and we didn’t have wi-fi for ages. Today it’s going to be another post for Carol‘s CPC challenge. I missed out on challenge 2 and 3 because of the wi-fi thing.

Sorry guys! 😦

The prompts and information for challenge 4 here.

Quick recap before we start:

“the Cameras and Pens Challenge is a creative writing challenge in which you write stories based off prompts, plus, you will be able to get bonus points for your team if you draw or take a photo of something that goes along with your story!”

Let’s go! The prompts in the story will be in bold.

Prompts I used


Related image


 Jayne. 15. She was wearing a hot pink and cyan jumpsuit.

Miles. 16. He was in a complete black suit.


“Hi. I’m Karin. …”

“My deepest regret?

I… murdered someone.”

My story

The sound of a knock echoed around Kai’s bedroom.

“Who is it?” she asked, without lifting her cold gaze from the plans she was making. The door creaked open and they entered.

Jayne. 15. She was wearing a hot pink and cyan jumpsuit.

Miles. 16. He was in a complete black suit.

She was relieved to see them; Kai needed a bit of time away from her work- and her friends were perfect for distraction. Suddenly, she noticed Jayne’s eyes were red and puffy. Miles was too stiff. Two armed guards entered the room and stood behind the pair. “What…What’s going on guys?

“I’m sorry” whispered Jayne, so softly that it was barely audible.

One of the guards shot something into the room. White clouds started appearing. Kai panicked. This was bad…very bad. In less than a few seconds, Kai’s mind started to wander. The sedater was working. She was going to enter a trance. The other guard began to speak urgently.

“Who are you? Who are really? What did you do that you regret so much?”

Kai swallowed. Her mouth began to form words against her will. They wanted the truth from her when she was weakest. They wanted it now.

“Hi. I’m Karin…”

“My deepest regret?

I…murdered someone.”

And then she was on a field. There were rainbows and flowers as far as she could see. Kai felt strangely happy…she hadn’t for a long time.

<h2>My photos

Thanks for reading guys! Be sure to check out my post where you had to vote on a winner for my Make-A-Word competition and visit my first entry here.


Bella xx

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