Cpc 5

Hi guys! Another CPC post today! I just realized my last one’s disappeared? So I’m going to have to find that one. 😦 CPC (hosted by Carol) is: “the Cameras and Pens Challenge is a creative writing challenge in which you write stories based off prompts, plus, you will be able to get bonus points … More Cpc 5

CPC challenge 4

Hello! Sorry I haven’t been posting recently- I just moved house and we didn’t have wi-fi for ages. Today it’s going to be another post for Carol‘s CPC challenge. I missed out on challenge 2 and 3 because of the wi-fi thing. Sorry guys! 😦 The prompts and information for challenge 4 here. Quick recap … More CPC challenge 4

The Winner of my Competition!!//ft.A Very Serious poll

Hellloooo!!!! This is my first proper post in ages and it’s a very exciting one! You remember that post I did ages ago on 100 followers? Where I announced The Competition? And that post where I got you to pick your favourite word? Well, it’s all been leading up to this! You finding out THE … More The Winner of my Competition!!//ft.A Very Serious poll