The winner of my Make-A-Word competition//Help me choose!!

The winner ofmy competitionHi guys!!

Some of you might know that a few weeks ago, to celebrate 100 followers, I created a competition (check out that post here).

“You have to come up with your very own word and it’s meaning. The person who has the most creative and original word will be winner and there will also be 2 runner ups!”

All the entries were AMAZING and I will definitely be using these words in my post BUT. I have absolutely no idea how to pick the winner. That is why I chose to have my readers vote on the winners!

Just to recap, here are the prizes*:

1 winner will get:

  • The honour of your word being used in my posts!
  • A post featuring your blog on Totally Random
  • A guest post/ collab/ graphic of choice (whatever you want!)

2 runners ups will get:

  • A post featuring your blog on Totally Random

I have made a poll and all you have to is pick the word you like best. I will announce the winner shortly!

I hope you all liked the words people have come up with! Don’t forget to vote! I can’t wait to announce the winners!

One last thing, if you’re an amazing person and read to here, that means I can trust you and I’m going to tell you a massive secret! I really want to start a new bookish/writing blog and that’s why I wanted to ask your opinions on a new blog name. These are the ones I came up with:

  • Twice upon ink
  • Once upon a book
  • Trapped in a book
  • In an inky star
  • Dreaming of ink
  • The everlasting library

Be sure to comment your favourite or another one you come up with!


Bella xx



20 thoughts on “The winner of my Make-A-Word competition//Help me choose!!

  1. Oooh now I see how this was was done LOL omg I’ve been missing on so many blog posts omg I was scrolling through your posts and I noticed you posted something on october 3rd, like what? And I didn’t notice? Sorry 😛
    Loved all the words btw!!! 😀

    P.S. I voted on the poll and I know it’s over but I felt like I HAD to do it!! 😛 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! Don’t worry about it! I’ve been missing out on quite a few bloggers’ posts too! Then they comment or something on my blog and I feel so guilty!

      I just start binge reading there posts after that! 😀 😀 ♥ The words were great!

      Liked by 1 person

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