Cpc 5

Hi guys! Another CPC post today! I just realized my last one’s disappeared? So I’m going to have to find that one. 😦 CPC (hosted by Carol) is: “the Cameras and Pens Challenge is a creative writing challenge in which you write stories based off prompts, plus, you will be able to get bonus points … More Cpc 5

CPC challenge 4

Hello! Sorry I haven’t been posting recently- I just moved house and we didn’t have wi-fi for ages. Today it’s going to be another post for Carol‘s CPC challenge. I missed out on challenge 2 and 3 because of the wi-fi thing. Sorry guys! 😦 The prompts and information for challenge 4 here. Quick recap … More CPC challenge 4

The Winner of my Competition!!//ft.A Very Serious poll

Hellloooo!!!! This is my first proper post in ages and it’s a very exciting one! You remember that post I did ages ago on 100 followers? Where I announced The Competition? And that post where I got you to pick your favourite word? Well, it’s all been leading up to this! You finding out THE … More The Winner of my Competition!!//ft.A Very Serious poll

The winner of my Make-A-Word competition//Help me choose!!

Hi guys!! Some of you might know that a few weeks ago, to celebrate 100 followers, I created a competition (check out that post here). “You have to come up with your very own word and it’s meaning. The person who has the most creative and original word will be winner and there will also … More The winner of my Make-A-Word competition//Help me choose!!

Mini hiatus (sorry!)

Hey! I will be taking a smol break from blogging till the 25th of September. I’m still going to be on WordPress and I’ll try and read posts and comments, etc and fail. But I just won’t have time to post with school and stuff. I’m honestly really sorry but it’s only a couple of … More Mini hiatus (sorry!)

20 Questions about me tag!

​Hello everyone!! Happy Tuesday! Guess what?? This super amazing person called Awkwardsaurus nominated me for A TAG!! ThankYouThankYouThankYou!! You should definitely go check out her blog! I don’t think there are any rules and this post kinda doesn’t need an intro so…